Real Blog Network-What it is all about.

Blogging has been a great way to get in front of thousands (hundreds of thousands and even millions) of readers from your home. However, blogging needs finesse if you are going to make it your business or part of your business.

Real Blog Network is here to teach you how to make your blogging not only interesting for readers, but how to network with others, drive sales and ultimately make money with your business.

About 6 years ago I found an awesome blog and thought to myself “Why am I not doing this?” I love to talk, I love to write and I love meeting people. Fast forward to 2014, my husband and I moved cross country and he made his passion, web site design, his source of income. My desire to find new places to go made the blog come to life. Through networking in my community, I was able to drive sales to my husbands businesses as well as start driving sales to my businesses-the blog and Real Estate.

I want to help other bloggers drive sales to their business-whether the goal is for the blog to be your main source of income or whether it is part of your marketing.

Real Blog Network will provide:

  1. Ideas and inspiration on where to get started.
  2. How to use Social Media to brand yourself and your blog
  3. Tips on Networking in the community and with potential clients
  4. How to look at your neighborhood in a blog worthy way
  5. Connections to other bloggers like you